Kollayane Veliyeru Event Specific Details and Links

ஊழல் பற்றிய விளக்க வீடியோ தமிழில்; https://youtu.be/Pfe5VrmWPQY

Video explaining the 1500 Crore Ration Corruption in English; https://youtu.be/9he77P6y6Wg

Register to join the event on March 15: http://bit.ly/KollaiyaneVeliyeruEventRegistration

Join the Facebook event and invite all your friends: http://bit.ly/1500CroreRationCorruptionFbEvent

Join Arappor IT wing to support us online: http://bit.ly/JoinArapporITwing
#கொள்ளையனே_வெளியேறு #1500CrRationCorruption