Arappor Iyakkam Press Release -

Status of Ponds in Chennai Corporation

Arappor Iyakkam along with citizens of Chennai carried out an audit of 14 ponds for which Chennai Corporation had floated tenders for more than 7 crores in August 2018. These 14 tenders were floated for 15 ponds as urgent tenders and were not given the mandatory 15 days time since ponds were to be desilted before monsoon. On August 16, 2018 tenders were floated and were closed and awarded to contractors on August 24, 2018.

Our audit of the ponds showed that out of 14 ponds visited, no work has happened in 13 of the ponds and few ponds are in terrible condition. Some of the local AEs of Corporation such as 194 , 197 etc claim they are not even aware of the schedule of work. The local residents are clear that no work has been carried out and at many places they have said that their repeated representation has fallen on deaf ears. In Place like kumaran nagar pond in kannagi nagar, the pond is already in good condition and it is not clear why Rs 25 lakhs have been allocated for restoration of this pond. Only in Ramapuram Eri, we were able to find work happening but even there the question remains on why the Chennai Corporation is converting an Eri into a pond without marking the boundaries and restoring the channels to the Eri.


We had got specific information on this pond tender that there is no idea of restoring these ponds and these tenders were floated by Storm water drain department to swindle funds by writing fake bills before March 2019 by officials. While we can only hope that this information is not true, the audit has confirmed that no work has been carried out in these ponds in the last 6 to 7 months. Will the Chennai Corporation Commissioner explain on why these works floated as urgent tenders were not carried out before monsoon. Given that the monsoon failed, these ponds would have helped in recharging ground water with the little rains received. The opportunity is lost as the drought is expected to be severe.

Will Chennai Corporation Commissioner explain when these works will be done ? Is he ready to release the DPR report of these ponds prepared before tender?